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Feature about my work and a portrait in the newspaper NW
more information: here

Daily work

New photos from the horse-rider shooting under the gallery - emotion 5
The Model and the photographer

A special photo-shooting with horses
Portrait photographer Ralf Bauer brought his studio to the riding arena

The story about my work at Bali in Indonesia, Cavallo 08/2010



I am back in Germany working as a freelance riding instructor
and available for lessons and clinics worldwide

In the German magazine GEOlino extra (No. 20, September 2009) you can find a portrait about me and my work.
Link to GEOlino

I was working as a manager and riding instructor at The Umalas Equestrian Resort in Bali in Indonesia. I chose to focus on riding instruction because that's one of the areas in which I am very experienced.