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  • Jutta Bohnenstengel

    I started riding at the age of 10. Before I went to the USA at the age of 19, I had taken part in around 150 dressage and show jumping competitions and I had successfully won around 70 of them.

    During my first 3 years in Florida I extended my skills and knowledge with a professional German dressage rider, Eva-Maria Stoebe, who also qualified for the olympics and has even studied with Willy Schultheis.

    In 1992, I gained the position of ‘Reitwart’, which is a distinguished position as a ‘riding instructor’ and graduated from the Landes-Reit-und-Fahrschule Rheinland Wuelfrath, a renowned equestrian school in Germany. The following year I got my silver ‘Reitabzeichen’.

    After that I went to Spain for a year, where I broke-in young horses as well as working with special needs children and teenagers for therapy. Than I got invited to work for the Princess S.A.R. Teresa de Borbon/Marquesa de Laula. My duties included showing horses and parading them successfully in various dressage competitions, as well as being the private instructor of the Royal Family.

    During the next 7 years I returned to the USA, where I worked as a horse trainer – I trained young horses and showed them at competitions - as well as being a riding instructor and assistant manager at the Stoebe Dressage Stables in Florida. I followed this by managing Kestrel Farms in Harbor Springs, Michigan as well as being promoted to Head Coach at Bay Harbor Equestrian Club, also in Michigan.
    I then took part in different clinics with experts such as Monty Roberts, John Lyons and Buck Brannaman, the experience that then enabled me to work with traumatized horses.

    In 2000 I completed my Trainer A FN Certificate, a special license required for instruction, to then work as an independent riding instructor to mainly teach in Germany.

    In 2004, I received an offer of work from Antalya/Turkey and took over the running of a large riding facility as manager and riding instructor. My work scope included management, as well as the leading the whole riding facility and the teaching.

    Due to my extensive knowledge of horses, I was invited to Namibia in 2008 for a few weeks, to break wild horses.

    April 2009, I was in Bali working at The Umalas Equestrian Resort in the respected positions of horse trainer, private horse trainer as well as managing the equestrian centre. My duties included training the resorts’ horses, training privately stabled horses, teaching children and adult’s dressage and show jumping lessons as well as organizing special events such as children’s camps and vaulting classes.

    Since April 2010 I am back in Germany working again as a riding instructor and trainer