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Are you looking for a professional riding-instructor or training supervisor in dressage or show jumping who teaches, trains or encourages you according to the training criteria of classic German equestrian schooling?
Then, feel free to contact me to make an appointment. I am looking forward to hearing from you and promise a quick response.

My personal philosophy of guidance is that “Riding should be fun for both rider and horse.”

I will be happy to offer you comprehensive advice in any riding assistance needed; this will make it easier for you to put it into action. My teaching will be geared to the objectives of the rider!
If you are not keen on performing any dressage or show-jumping, and simply want to enjoy free riding, the teaching will be tailored to meet your objectives. If the sport has really caught your fancy, the teaching in this area can be intensified as desired.

The teaching is conformed to the rider’s age which ensures that none of the fun of the riding lessons will get lost.
I love all horses, regardless of the race!!! No matter whether ponies, large horses, warmblood, thoroughbred or heavy horses!
It is important for me that rider and horse grow together harmoniously and thus become a successful team.
When we work together for the first time, it is necessary to analyze the current state of the rider’s and the horse’s educational level to determine the training needed. The lesson will start with a detailed discussion of the education and the training done so far. We will also set out your strengths and weaknesses as well as any successes already obtained.
This also includes your riding experience with your horse and the development you have made until now. We will discuss your riding-related problems and your personal goals you want to achieve.
With me alongside, you will begin to master your horse in the usual manner. I know from previous experience that my support, error detection and correction will already start at this point. Together, we will set the priorities of the teaching units by direct clarification between the working and solution phase.
After the lesson, I will give you valuable tips on how to improve yourself and your horse as well as on what you need to train during a later work stage.


Horse Training

If you want your horse to be trained, I would like you to present your horse and its skills during our first meeting. I will then discuss all the details with you in order to gain an overall impression. Afterwards, I would like to take over the horse. You will then get the chance to monitor the training and we will communicate with each other to ensure you are constantly aware of the responses and changes on the part of your horse

Finally, I will analyze the overall training level of your horse and make suggestions on what you need to improve in future day to day work!